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My name is Larry Goins and I want to thank you for visiting my site to take advantage of all of the great Real Estate Investing Training I have made available for you.

Nowhere else online will you find this type or this much high-caliber Real Estate Investing Education for FREE! I've packed in some of the biggest names in the industry for you to listen to right now. It's all waiting for you...

It's very simple - I am in the mortgage business working only with investors. I also wholesale houses nationwide to investors. Since the niche I focus on is real estate investors, I want to help you as much as possible so that maybe we can do business in the future. If you acquire some properties, chances are you'll need a loan that I can provide -------- then we can both win!

For example, perhaps you will sell me a house at wholesale, or maybe even buy one of my wholesale properties. And if I help you do some of your deals, you may use me to finance it. Now, that's a win-win transaction!

I truly want to assist you with achieving success - so that you may enjoy life's pleasures, and reach your own personal and financial goals as well! Maybe we can do some business together and create a long term win win business relationship!

Patrick James on Tax Strategies Discloses How You Can Take Full Advantage Of Brilliant Tax Strategies immediately to save thousands of dollars!

Dwan Twyford on Short Sales Reveals Secret "Short Sale" Methods To You, Regardless If You Are A New Or Advanced Investor! Listen to this call Right Now!

Adam Ginsberg on eBay Shows how to make lots of cash buying and selling real estate and more on eBay! Adam reveals inside information to maximize your eBay listings build your business and more!

Bill Twyford on Negotiating Reveals How You Can Become A Master Negotiator! One of my favorites! (Classic Advice!)

Pete Youngs on Rehabbing Saves You A Ton Of Money By Revealing Methods On Saving Up To 70% On all Rehabs! Ideas you can use right away!

Chris Johnson on FREE Money How to get FREE MONEY From The Government For business, real estate and education! Chris gives out many FREE websites to get this valuable information!

Jeffery Taylor "Mr. Landlord" on Landlording Shows You How To Take The Burden Out Of Being A Landlord With Marvelous Advice!

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  • Lease Option with No Rent Credit
  • Letter of Agreement and Addendum - Purchase
  • Letter of Agreement and Addendum - Selling
  • Offer and Acceptance Contract
  • Offer to Purchase When Selling on Lease Option
  • Option Agreement
  • Property Appraisal
  • Property Management Agreement
  • Release of Lien for Contractors
  • Assignment of Contract
  • Assignment of Rents and Leases
  • Authorization to Release Credit Information
  • Authorization to Release Information
  • Certificate of Appointment of Successor Trustee

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  • 10 Questions to Ask a Remodeling Contractor
  • Mortgage Fraud Basics
  • 11 Secrets for Choosing a Remodeling Contractor
  • Being in Control of Your Investments
  • 8 Steps to Getting Out of Debt
  • Common Sense Asset Protection
  • A Game Plan for Success - Investing in Real Estate
  • Fulltime versus Part-time
  • Building Your Real Estate Investment Team
  • How to Analyze Any Property in Less Than One Minute Flat!!
  • Creating a Mindset for Success Investing in Real Estate
  • An Easy Guide to Flipping Houses
  • Do It Right Sleep At Night
  • Finding Foreclosures

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"Better Than Any Local Investment Club"

I absolutely love your Wednesday night Brain-Pick-A-Pro teleconferences.  I live in a small town and have not found an investor's club, close by I can attend and learn more about the real estate investment business. 

I visited Larry's site and have been glued to this site ever since.  I no longer can say, I would love to join an investors' club.  I have that right at my computer/finger tips all I have to do is select a past speaker and listen in on the conversation.  This, to me, is better than any local investment club.  I know I would never get to listen to the caliber to guests; Larry has on his teleconferences, without paying lots of money at a conference somewhere.

Thanks a bunch Larry.

Denise A. Brooks-Robertson
Killeen, Texas

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Are you beginning to see how powerful this is? One insight after another is provided to you for absolutely no cost. We want to arm you with enough knowledge and techniques that you'll always have the ammunition required to generate a fortune with your business!

Each Renowned Expert thoroughly delivers groundbreaking advice that you can take advantage of immediately, and achieve the success you deserve for you and your family!

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Once a year I have a 3 day training event where I bring in 12-15 top national trainers for 3 intense days of hands on training.

During these 3 days you will learn the many techniques used to create wealth in real estate with no cash, credit or experience!


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"I wanted to let you know that my husband and I truly appreciated the boot camp you invited us to last week.  It was filled with great information.  I walked away having learned so much!  Meeting your team and hearing them talk about their daily responsibilities gave me a clearer understanding and a greater appreciation for what they do.  You've picked an awesome team of people to surround yourself with and I must tell you that it gives me a great deal of confidence in doing business with your company.

I'm brand new at this so I'll need a little hand holding at times but I'm really excited about working with you."

Ginger & Tom Wilson

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