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  • Patrick James on Tax Strategies Discloses How You Can Take Full Advantage Of Brilliant Tax Strategies immediately to save thousands of dollars!
  • Dwan Twyford on Short Sales Reveals Secret "Short Sale" Methods To You, Regardless If You Are A New Or Advanced Investor! Listen to this call Right Now!
  • Adam Ginsberg on eBay Shows how to make lots of cash buying and selling real estate and more on eBay! Adam reveals inside information to maximize your eBay listings build your business and more!
  • Bill Twyford on Negotiating Reveals How You Can Become A Master Negotiator! One of my favorites! (Classic Advice!)
  • Pete Youngs on Rehabbing Saves You A Ton Of Money By Revealing Methods On Saving Up To 70% On all Rehabs! Ideas you can use right away!
  • Frank McKinney on Luxury Homes Discloses Serious Insider Secrets To Investing In Luxury Homes! Frank is a NY Times Best Seller. (This Is Fascinating!)
  • Chris Johnson on FREE Money How to get FREE MONEY From The Government For business, real estate and education! Chris gives out many FREE websites to get this valuable information!
  • Jeffery Taylor "Mr. Landlord" on Landlording Shows You How To Take The Burden Out Of Being A Landlord With Marvelous Advice!
  • Wendy Patton on Lease Options Shares her time tested system for buying and selling houses on lease options starting with no cash, credit or experience... Guaranteed!
  • Vena Jones Cox aka The Real Estate Goddess teaches how she wholesales hundreds of houses a year making big profits on each one!
  • Tony Youngs share his techniques of how to make huge profits investing in foreclosures with little effort and time invested!
  • Than Merrill the Flip This House celebrity teaches his marketing system that will fill your pipeline with motivated sellers and explode your business putting quick cash in your pocket... guaranteed!
  • Ted Thomas on Tax Liens and certificates will teach you how to buy real estate for literally pennies on the dollar!
  • Scott Rister shares his techniques on How to find all the motivated sellers you can handle!
  • Robert Shemin best selling author shows you the first most important steps in creating personal wealth and keeping it!
  • Reggie Brooks on abandoned properties shares his techniques of finding, funding and flipping abandoned properties in any market!
  • Paul Wells the rookie to riches success story will show you how to master investing in distressed properties that are in foreclosure!
  • Pat Tarr asset protection and trust expert Reveals how to armor and camouflage your assets with her Fort Knox asset protection techniques!
  • Nathan Big marketing master Shows how to sell your properties in any market in 36 hours or less!
  • Mike King on forbearances and loan modifications Reveals his little known strategies for tapping into this almost unknown and little competition market!
  • Mike Fisher on vacant land Shows you how to profit optioning large parcels of rural land and have him sell it and YOU make all the profit!
  • Mike Butler on automated land lording tells how he went from an undercover cop to a million dollars a year in rental income in only 5 years!
  • Mark Freeman and Billy O'Neal share their Biblically based real estate investing strategies they use to create wealth!
  • Marco Kozlowski on luxury homes Shows how to get big fat checks from luxury homes with only $100 invested and he does all the work for you!
  • Lou Brown on asset protection, trusts and estate planning Shares his techniques for building and keeping wealth the Street Smart way!
  • Lisa Vander investor trainer to athletes and stars teaches her proven system for creating massive income doing what YOU want to do!
  • Lee Phillips' Accumulation and preservation of wealth author teaches personal planning, business planning and retirement planning starting from right where you are now!
  • Kendra Todd; Donald Trumps Apprentice winner, "Risk and Grow Rich" author and "My House is Worth What" TV show host shows how to identify emerging markets and make money in today's market from right where you are now!
  • Justin Ryan on Pre-Construction will teach you how to invest in new properties at discounted prices all without ever leaving home!
  • Jillian Coleman Wheeler National Grants expert shares her "New American Land Rush" system for getting all the money you need for your real estate deals and never having to pay it back!
  • Jeffrey Desich on self directed IRA's shows you how to create totally tax free wealth using your IRA and other retirement accounts!
  • Jase Souder master of persuasion and communication shares his highly sought after techniques for taking control of your life, your business and making thing happen for YOU!
  • Heather Seitz of Find it, Fix it, Flip it Teaches her Motivated Seller Marketing System that will show you how to get more sellers calling you than you will ever need!
  • Graham "Mr. Banker" Treakle Reveals short sale strategies from the banker's perspective and how to capitalize on it!
  • Steve Presley builder and developer Shows you how to make real money investing in pre construction properties!
  • Dr. Al Lowry author of over 20 books Reveals his tried and true methods for mastering credit, government auctions, foreclosures and more!
  • Donna Bauer "The Note Buyer" Shows how to make money buying and selling discounted notes without any of your own money or credit!
  • Don Derosa on buying houses without qualifying for financing Discloses his techniques for buying and selling or holding for investment 1,3,5 even 10 houses each and every month without ever qualifying for a single loan!
  • Dan Doran marketing expert Shows you how to get tons of pre foreclosure leads using door to door marketing!
  • Charrissa Cawley the Unconventional Real Estate Expert Shows you proven multi million dollar real estate wealth building techniques!
  • Bruce Mack on credit Shares his exclusive system for building personal and business credit, how to eliminate negative credit and get unsecured lines of credit for your real estate business!
  • Brandon Osborn on real estate strategies teaches tip after tip on doing deals with no equity, building instant credibility, gaining access to the MLS and more!
  • Anthony Minnuto on multi family properties reveals how to buy multi units with massive monthly income all with no money down!
  • Alan Cowgill on private lending made easy teaches how to get all of the money you need from private lenders without ever applying for a loan.
  • Doug Ottersberg on mobile homes will teach you how to create chunks of cash up front and passive income for life with his exclusive strategies for buying and selling on finance mobile homes!
  • Bob Diamond attorney at law and bankruptcy specialist teaches the little known technique of buying property that is in bankruptcy for pennies!
  • Mel Feller my personal friend and who heads my coaching business shares his techniques and strategies for jump starting your real estate career and how to stay on track and juggle a busy life at the same time!
  • Mark Klee and Caryn McKinney on post bankruptcy leads shares their techniques for buying and selling properties that are involved in bankruptcy!
  • John Hyre tax attorney teaches his proven asset protection and entity structuring techniques guaranteed to save you huge amounts of money in your real estate business!
  • Andy Heller of Buy Low Sell High Rent Smart shares his techniques for buying properties directly from the banks through realtors!

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